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Re: Second death

May 10, 1998 02:39 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>Jerry Schueler <> writes
>>>What do others on the list consider "second death" to refer to?
>>As far as I know, HPB uses the term to describe the kamalokic
>>death of the lower principles/bodies after death of the physical
>>body. I am not aware of any other usage.
>You are probably right, but - and I don't meant to be contentious - I
>can look up what HPB said.  I asked for list subscribers' opinions.
>Alan (Who loves ya, baby)   :-)

Alan, my own opinion is that the first death is that of the
physical body and the second death is that of the personality
or ego. HPB's terms are obscure and terribly out of date.

Jerry S.

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