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Hyperbole vs. deliberate untruth?

May 10, 1998 07:14 AM
by K Paul Johnson

Thanks again to Daniel for further research on this point.  I
think Mr. Deveney and Dr. Godwin are being a bit overly
diplomatic.  If indeed there were two Krishnavarmas, both known
to the Founders and both acquainted with Dayananda, if the one
who was not the historical Shyamaji K. did indeed come to
America and stay with the Founders-- but came by ship rather than
cart; if he went to Milwaukee but not Nevada with them; if he
gave $200 dollars in gold rather than $20,000-- then we would
have hyperbole.  But if there was only one Krishnavarma, who
never made any trip to America to visit the Founders, then the
case goes well beyond hyperbole.

I notice by the way that the Cranston bio includes this Nevada
trip and this Krishnavarma character as factual but makes no
effort at all to tie this in to known chronology of HPB's life at
the time.


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