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Re: Jerry HE and Paul J on Letters, composites, etc.

May 09, 1998 02:22 PM
by Daniel H Caldwell

Thanks Paul J and Jerry HE for your comments on my last posting.

But I have another point or two to address.

Jerry HE wrote in his latest:

>letters which are in dispute as to authenticity should be
>qualified as such when used as evidence.

I certainly agree with this proposition and I think it is always
to abide by this rule.  However, Jerry, are you trying to apply this
proposition to Paul's quoting of the "Krishnavarma" letter written
by HPB to her aunt? I requote Paul's words and then after that I'll add
a few comments.

> > > ...Krishnavarma is described by HPB in letters she wrote her Aunt
> > > Nadyezhda from New York in 1877.  She mentions a Krishnavarma who
> > > had come to New York from Multan in the Punjab by cart (?!) and
> > > was staying with the Founders.  He had praised Nadyezhda's last
> > > letter to HPB and forwarded it to Swami Dayananda.  HPB proceeds
> > > to tell of a trip "almost to California" that she and Olcott had
> > > taken with Krishnavarma:
> > >
> > > In Milwaukee and Nevada alll the ladies were all the time
> > > walking near our windows and the terrace where we were sitting to
> > > look at Krishnavarma; he is exceptionally beautiful although of
> > > the color of a light coffee.  In his long white pyjama dress and
> > > a white narrow turban on his head with diamonds on his neck and
> > > in bare feet he is really a curious sight among the Americans in
> > > black coats and white collars...When one sees him the first time
> > > he seems not more than 25, but there are moments he looks like a
> > > 100 years old man.(HPB Speaks, vol. 1, pp. 198-99)
> > >
> > > The facts: Swami Dayananda's disciple Krishavarma never visited
> > > the TS Founders in America, first meeting them in Bombay in 1879.
> > > They had corresponded prior to departure with him and other Arya
> > > Samaj members.  Olcott and HPB never went together to Milwaukee
> > > or to Nevada.  And all the details are invented.
> > >
> > > What does this tell us about HPB?

Is THIS letter ALSO in dispute as to its authenticity?  This letter is
part of "the Korsakoff series" of letters that Ms. Fuller considers
as forgeries. In fact, I have never heard any Blavatsky student question
the authenticity of this "Krishnavarma" letter. Of course, I don't
have "omni-hearing"!

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