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Re: What is the main problem?

May 08, 1998 06:48 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

I know that diplomacy is not the strongest point of my character, and I do keep
reminding myself to make the effort.  I also work to remind myself that one's own
perceptions are too often barriers to perceiving deeper truths.  It is a
tightrope that I rarely walk well, and I'm sorry if anyone is offended by my

OTOH, I have never been introduced to Martin, Thoa or Ramadoss, so may I submit
that if we were to personally meet, I may not be quite as bad as my reputation
appears to be.  At least my cat loves me...sometimes  :-)

As for Martin,  yes, I still would very much like to meet you.  Unlike what
appears to be my reputation, I have heard nothing but positive things about you,
and have been looking for an opportunity to become acquainted with you for over
ten years.  The invitations that I have extended to you in the past through
mutual friends and via e-mail are still open, and yes I would still like to talk
to you about NA.  Not because I have opinions, but because I want to learn.

Thoa Tran wrote:

> >Thoa Tran wrote:
> >>
> >> Martin:
> >> >A know that Jerry Hejka-Ekins  is trying to interview me about it, but I
> >> >am scare of him since I see how strong, opinionated, judgemental and
> >> >challenging he is, and I am of a nicer and gentler type, with no
> >> >ulterior motives.
> >>
> >> With a few good witty replies, you can mow your way through anything, even
> >> "strong, opinionated, judgmental, and challenging" Theosophists.  That's
> >> what I armed myself with when I first logged onto the lists with little
> >> knowledge of Theosophy.  I have a few "Your mother is so ugly..." replies
> >> for you to use.
> >>
> >> Thoa :o)
> >
> >
> >Thank  you I will reflect in what you said,
> > but respect my opinion if you can . . .
> >
> >
> >Martin Leiderman
> >Los Angeles
> Martin, I do respect your opinion.  You are not understanding my language.
> I am basically saying to believe in yourself enough to say who you are,
> even with difficult Theosophists.  I've often thought about the mayavic
> nature of things, of our own beliefs, of morality, and of institutions.
> The only thing I can do is trust myself, and yet be willing to change if
> something convincing is offered me.  As legend has it, after the Buddha
> defeated the mayavic demons of Mara,  Mara continued to lay his claim for
> the Budhi throne.   Whereupon, the Buddha touched the Earth with his hand
> (the Bhumisparsamudra) to proclaim his rightful heritage.  The Earth
> affirmed the Buddha's rightful claim.
> Each of us should be able to say we are alright where we are, and that we
> lay our rightful claim as children of this Earth.  I AM.
> Thoa :o)

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