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Re: What is the main problem?

May 08, 1998 02:42 PM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

>Thoa Tran wrote:
>> Martin:
>> >A know that Jerry Hejka-Ekins  is trying to interview me about it, but I
>> >am scare of him since I see how strong, opinionated, judgemental and
>> >challenging he is, and I am of a nicer and gentler type, with no
>> >ulterior motives.
>> With a few good witty replies, you can mow your way through anything, even
>> "strong, opinionated, judgmental, and challenging" Theosophists.  That's
>> what I armed myself with when I first logged onto the lists with little
>> knowledge of Theosophy.  I have a few "Your mother is so ugly..." replies
>> for you to use.
>> Thoa :o)
>Thank  you I will reflect in what you said,
> but respect my opinion if you can . . .
>Martin Leiderman
>Los Angeles

Martin, I do respect your opinion.  You are not understanding my language.
I am basically saying to believe in yourself enough to say who you are,
even with difficult Theosophists.  I've often thought about the mayavic
nature of things, of our own beliefs, of morality, and of institutions.
The only thing I can do is trust myself, and yet be willing to change if
something convincing is offered me.  As legend has it, after the Buddha
defeated the mayavic demons of Mara,  Mara continued to lay his claim for
the Budhi throne.   Whereupon, the Buddha touched the Earth with his hand
(the Bhumisparsamudra) to proclaim his rightful heritage.  The Earth
affirmed the Buddha's rightful claim.

Each of us should be able to say we are alright where we are, and that we
lay our rightful claim as children of this Earth.  I AM.

Thoa :o)

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