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Re: Re: Dallas PROTEST concerning HPB being aleged to be untruthful.

May 07, 1998 05:44 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>I will be able to check and compare the statement you make
>concerning HPB's inaccuracies if you would kindly let me know
>where the references are.
>I would then be able to check, and perhaps understand what the
>differences are that you see.  And would also respond.
>                Thanks for your help,                    Dallas
>Let me be clear:  I will not let pass an unsupported statement
>(by you, Johnson, or anyone that I happen to read or hear of)
>concerning HPB without asking for "chapter and verse."  Until
>that is provided, such charges ought to be held to, I would

Dallas, I am not asking you to "let pass" anything. Your request
for sources is probably valid but I don't have the time for it, and
you wouldn't accept it anyway. All you have to do is to read
her definition of Nirmanakaya (a deceased Adept who stays
in the Earth's atmosphere to help others mentally or spiritually)
with that of Buddhism (the third and fleshy or form body of Buddha).
The discrepancies are obvious to anyone who reads both
HPB and the Tibetan texts now available. Try to find HPB's
description of the three Buddha-bodies anywhere in her writings.
You won't find anything at all like it is taught in Tibetan Buddhism.
David-Neel on the other hand knew her Buddhism inside and
out, but then she lived with them for many years.

Jerry S.

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