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Dallas PROTEST concerning HPB being aleged to be untruthful.

May 06, 1998 07:19 AM
by Daniel H Caldwell

Although some, including K. Paul Johnson, may think Dallas
T. "protesteth too much", I do believe what Dallas writes in the
following passage is a very good suggestion for promoting serious
of statements such as:  HPB said various "untruths".

"Chapter and verse" information we all can profit from.  Details are
extremely important in trying to grapple with and determine what is and
is not
true.  Can we have SERIOUS discussion instead of a heated argument?


> Let me be clear:  I will not let pass an unsupported statement
> (by you, Johnson, or anyone that I happen to read or hear of)
> concerning HPB without asking for "chapter and verse."  Until
> that is provided, such charges ought to be held to, I would
> suggest:
> "HPB states and so -------- in such and such a
> place ---
> But in   ( Another place, reference, etc.....) we find the
> following statement made.  Can these be reconciled ?
> That kind of questioning is fair enough.

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