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Re: Re: Theosophy in the mist

May 05, 1998 01:11 PM
by Mark Kusek

W. Dallas TenBroeck wrote:
> Actually we bathe in the psychic, but do not have the acuity or
> sense to distinguish it from our feelings, our "intuitions," or
> even our thoughts.

We feel, we think, we know. I don't see a need to distinguish that from
the "psychic." It is "psyche."
It's healthy to discriminate what thoughts are yours, which feelings are
someone elses, and whose knowledge you know.

> I think that getting that ability through understanding is
> valuable.  Then we can go further.

I agree. It can help you know yourself better.

> When we dream we "visit" a "plane" that is specially one of the
> "psychic" ones.  When we "day-dream" again, when we are beset by
> a mood or have a fit of anger, pity, remorse, envy, etc... all
> examples of the psychic forces acting in and through us.

It's also just ordinary life.

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