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Re: Coherence: Question for Frank

May 05, 1998 09:00 AM
by Daniel H Caldwell

Frank wrote:

> >5. On E.S. meeting in March 29, 1896, the leaders of the E.S.
> >unanimously endorsed Katherine Tingley as Judge's successor
> >(Greenwalt, Point Loma Pubc., p. 17) and related to her School
> >of Antiquity (ibed., p. 92). KT worked as O.H. of the E.S. at
> >the latest in 1893 (ibed., p. 73)

Dallas replied:

> >>Is the last line accurate as to date ?  If she was elected
> after
> >>Judge died, Then she could not have been functioning as  OH in
> >>1893 --   Mr. Judge was OH then till his death  --  as I
> recall,
> >>she met Judge mid 1894 ?    Check this please

Frank wrote:

> >Date accurate quoted from Greenwalt. I can't recall at the
> moment of the dead
> >letter names of their offices but I know for sure that KT was
> after some years
> >of training under the rajah acting in a very occult way latest
> in 1893 when
> >Judges body was dying. Therefore the hurry of HPB in 1889 when
> she asked Judge
> >whether he has found his new chela.

Daniel Caldwell comments:

Frank when you write:

>KT worked as O.H. of the E.S. at the
>latest in 1893 (ibed., p. 73)

I am puzzled with this.  On p. 73 of
my copy of Greenwalt's book I find no
mention of KT working as O.H. of the E.S.
in 1893.  Do you mean to say that in your
opinion KT was the OH of the ES as early
as 1893?

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