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Scientist hails new era

May 04, 1998 10:55 AM
by K Paul Johnson

A book I've just started, Visions by Michio Kaku, is the result
of ten years of work and interviews with 150 leading scientists.
The author, a renowned physicist in his own right, has sought the
best-informed specialists in a variety of field to come up with a
synthesis of predictions of how science will change our lives in
the 21st century.

I'm struck by how much his language in the introduction echoes
the way the Cayce readings talk about the change that is occuring
at present:

"This book is about this new dynamic era of science and technology
which is now unfolding before our eyes...we are on the threshold
of yet another revolution.  Human knowledge is doubling every ten
years.  In the past decade, more scientific knowledge has been
created than in all of human history...
industries and lifestyles are being overturned, only to give rise
to entirely new ones.  But these rapid, bewildering changes are
not just quantititative.  They mark the birth pangs of a new
era...For most of human history, we could only watch, like
bystanders, the beautiful dance of Nature.  But today, we are on
the brink of an epoch-making transition, from being *passive
observers of Nature to being active choreographers of Nature.* It
is this tenet that forms the central message of Visions.  The era
now unfolding makes this one of the most exciting times to be
alive, allowing us to reap the fruits of the last 2000 years of
science.  The Age of Discovery in science is coming to a close,
opening up an Age of Mastery."


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