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Re: --Topics for WWW

May 04, 1998 05:53 PM
by Sophia TenBroeck

Pam wrote :

I've been redesigning the Wheaton site for a class project.  I have yet
to pitch the re-design to John Algeo, but their current webmaster liked
an early prototype.  In testing  sites with friends who knew nothing of
the TS, they reported being confused about the TS's purpose (based on
home pages) and would have immediately surfed out. being
the only exception.  This brings home the fact that the website needs to
be viewed as a marketing tool --their needs to be something that grabs
the attention and holds it.  I like the Gnostic Society site
( fo this reason --it immediately gives you
something to do (i.e. Read this week's meditation and collect) and then
provides one of the most extensive
library and link sites in the cyber community."

I went to the Gnosis site.  It is a very nice site, it represents only
one group with its diverse activities and ints extensive library.  In
our Theosophical site, we need links to the various theosophical
associations and groups, with their specialities, besides the various
Online texts, and places to buy books and attend meetings, and chat.
Our will have to be of a wider nature, therefore more complex.

Another valuable site to look up is the Alchemy one, its site is :
Fraternally,  Sophia

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