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Re: Catch Twenty-Three

May 05, 1998 06:08 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

May 5th

Dear Jerry:

In India where the various Yogas (union with by understanding or
practice) and Jnanas (fields or Schools of Knowledge leading to
Wisdom) exist and are studied or followed by their devotees, they
claim that each leads final to " The GOAL."  There are also the 6
Vidyas ( Schools of Philosophy). and the 6 Anjanis (Schools of
Science) and so on;  the departmentalization of ancient Indian
knowledge is enormous.  We have only touched its hem.

Formulations as to the nature of the "The GOAL" vary enormously
in simile and allegory -- "it is like...... "

I think you are right in one thing :  the Jnana (Dhyana) (Gnyana)
of the Mind is primary for all humans since we are essentially
mind-beings and developing the use of our minds at this stage.
The ancestry and consciousness developed by the animal body in
its evolution is one area of sensation  instinct and
passion/desire mark its advance.  Man's form includes that, and
also is the residence of a developing MIND -- of which Jnana is
just one aspect.  What of INTUITION -- or the Inner Wisdom, which
is shared by all ?

Considering our position and condition, are we not also aware of
other "tools" available:  to itemize some of the more obvious:

physical body,

astral (invisible electro-magnetic) body,

life-principle (Prana/Jiva),

desires and passions, emotions and inclinations or repulsions ,
and the "instincts" or "gut feelings" (Kama),

Mental states and activity of various classes and types: memory,
logic, anticipation, imagination, etc...; and then

the mysterious visitor Intuition -- or a kind of surety -- an
"all knowingness" or a sense "That's right."  Said in theosophy
to be the linkage between WISDOM (Buddhi) and MANAS ( the mind
principle) --

but then there is the ever-present inscrutable -- the ONE
ABSOLUTE SPIRIT of which our existence is dependent as a "ray" or
a "drop" of that great indefinable "ocean" of "light," or LIFE.

Our advances in modern psychology do not yet reflect all the
findings of ancient Hindu psychology, as for example, the wisdom
of the Patanjali Yoga sutras -- which define the relation between
the Immortal Higher Mind and its reflection our present embodied
mind in its waking state.  This is yet to be carefully
considered.  Mr. Judge wrote an excellent rendition with
explanatory notes on this, as also, on the Bhagavad Gita.  Both
books give a wonderful overview of our psychological and mental

Modern psychology has yet to disentangle the psychic from the
mental conditions and see that they are a different set of tools.
Most of us think with our feelings or "feel" with our minds.  And
to separate the two does not violate any of our "personality"
abilities;  but, rather reinforces and enhances them.  But I can
see that there will be continued debate on this for a while.

Maslow comes close when he speaks of the "NEEDS" (which are
essential to us for living) and the "WANTS" ( which are not
essential -- as in cases of deprivation, when we can compromise
and continue to live under very trying situations.)  In other
words even the psychic nature of likes/dislikes, the vibration of
emotion and the interplay of desire and mind which leads to the
confusion of determining which is essential to personal life:
thinking, or feeling.  These are areas of continuing research and

I think that Theosophical philosophy/psychology has much to say
here that is appropriate.  Especially the concept that we are
essentially IMMORTALS, living in and working through, mortal and
changeable bodies, etc...  That changes the whole outlook we
generate in considering ourselves and our "goals."

I have found that Theosophical philosophy has helped sort out
these various things in my own consciousness.  Considering what
modern psychology has to advance and the perpetual trying to
assign functions of consciousness (without any real verification)
to the activity of the Brain and the neural system is ludicrous.

How can EFFECTS in physical matter be evidence of conscious
individuality that is deemed to originate there only ?  How can
an effect be the causal source ?  What starts the "ball" rolling
?  I can see that CONSCIOUS INDIVIDUALITY in action, produces
effects in the brain-matter and hence directs action in and of
the physical organism through the nerves, muscles, etc... but,
not the reverse.

The basic question is:  What causes a conscious response, and
especially, What causes an original thought ?  Is it a desire, an
intuition, a wisdom ?   And if so, where does that come from ?  A
search for "origins" drives us back into the "unknown -- so far"
but mentally, explainable and resolvable.

Now that is saying a lot, and I wonder if it is of any use in
this discussion together.  The ideas we may formulate concerning
our "elevation," "knowledge","position, are transitory at best.
They prove only that we are able to make definitions and see
ourselves reflexly "as though we were --- this or that ----"

But that only reinforces the concept that there at the core of
each one of us a Real Being  -- which is immutable and
changeless -- and is able therefore to see all the changes of
mind and of feeling.  It is unaffected by them.  It witnesses.
It is the source of our true identity.  Some name it the HIGHER
SELF, as it is deemed to be a "ray" of the ABSOLUTE -- in which
everything without exception lives and bathes.  It is the
"Spiritual Self" )and like SPACE) it is that from which no one is
exempt and from which none can "escape."

With this in mind how can any one of us say that we can only go
so far -- and no further ?  What may be temporarily a barrier for
one, may open up on receiving a suggestion from another, and
suddenly a flood of light and undersigning is released, and we
begin to see a different aspect of the subject -- so limited
before -- and now opened again to question and research -- like
peeling onions, there are layers and yet more layers to our

Some ideas that may help, I hope.            Dallas

> From: "Jerry Schueler" <>
> Date: Monday, May 04, 1998 9:35 AM
> Subject: Re: Catch Twenty-Three

>><< [Jerry Schueler] There is only one path that we can take
>>it is
>> Jnana Yoga...


SYNTHESIZES THEM ALL.  It is called ATMA VIDYA -- the Knowldge of
the "Supreme Spirit" -- and that includes all the rest.  But of
what use are words ?



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