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Re: Catch Twenty-Three

May 04, 1998 08:53 AM
by Jerry Schueler

><< [Jerry Schueler] There is only one path that we can take today.
>it is
> Jnana Yoga...

>[Richard] In short, it is not clear to me that "Jnana Yoga" is the best
path for
>everyone or whether, indeed, it might not be more suited to those who have
>already "psychomatured"...

OK, there is more than one path. But I think Jnana Yoga is probably
best suited to Theosophists who read and study a lot anyway, than
Raja or Kundalini Yoga which have few adherents and a lack of
qualified teachers. Karma Yoga is something that we all tend to
do as a matter of course at whatever level we are on.

>It's such a messy subject.  At this point, my understanding is that one
>do ANYTHING without having a ego-formation in operation.

This is true. Wilber's Spectrum of Consciousness has nine major
levels with a self-formation at each except the highest which is
pretty undefinable.

>Show me a person who can rattle off what he or she dispassionately
>knows (utilize a semi-Self formed at the manas Level) and still hold on to
>"remainder" of Self-awareness, and I'll show you an individual of at least
>beginning of the Sixth-degree.

Its when we identify at any level that we tend to get "stuck" at that
level. Growth and progression up the levels is easier and faster
when we dis-identify with the semi-Self at each level.

>No, the only psychomaturational developments one can hope to See in others
>are probably those one has first seen in oneself.  Ditto for

Agreed. This usually works at the sub-conscious level.

> Furthermore, the thing which really makes me uncomfortable--and which
>I am still struggling with--is the realization that at no matter what Level
>allow semi-Selves to form at, IT SEEMS TO BE FOR THE EGOIC PURPOSE >OF

This is inherent in the concepts of levels and progressions which, in turn,
are inherent in the concept of time. We all must struggle with this.

>This is a horrible confession, I admit
>(and even now as I write I am occasionally catching a glimpse of my
>of the moment" trying to assert that it is higher than those with whom I am
>trying to share my "understanding" of this subject).

How does one respond on this list without such a "glimpse?"

>I don't know . . . perhaps my view is all screwed-up, and the real "occult"
>activity on this list is not to primarily establish whose
>deluded-ego-of-the-moment is higher than whose.

Ranking of list members is a human desire that we need to ignore.

> Is anyone free of Catch 23?
>(I don't know . . . even the laudable Dallas is in one breath telling us
>"None of us are ever any superior to any one else" and in the next telling
>that his ideas are to be taken as a "touchstone"--a standard by which to
>other ideas.)

Yeah, I do that myself sometimes.

Jerry S.  As usual, a good post.

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