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Re: What is the main problem?

May 04, 1998 12:57 PM
by Bjorn Roxendal

Kazimir Majorinc wrote:
> If I understood you, we are somewhere where we do not want to be, and if
> want go to the better place but we must 'align us' before. What isn't good
> in place where we are now and what is the most important, essential thing
> you expect to be changed when we will be on the new place. Beware, every
> two principles may be in contradiction. For example, Platon tried to prove
> that justice is the best thing, with claim that it is the best way to  joy.
> It was wrong, because if justice is really the best, it is not important
> whether it lead to joy or pain. It seems he though that joy is the best
> thing.

Creation is based on law. When we learn to accept and apply this law we are in
the right place, because we are in harmony with Cosmos. This gives us the best
possibilities to evolve, grow in consciousness and all faculties. When we are
functioning in lower or higher degrees of violation of cosmic law we are
limiting ourselves and others. That is the problem.


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