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Re: What is the main problem?

May 03, 1998 04:52 PM
by Brenda S Tucker

>Brenda, what are the reasons you want to understand the ascended masters?
>(1) They have something to say about some particular problem which bothering
>us and what is THAT PROBLEM? (2) Just curiosity (3) The ascended masters are
>essential, even if they talk about things which are not essential,
>like some of today scientist?

Dear Kazimir,

No, I don't think those are my reasons, particularly.  1) Choosing to "walk
the path" is like choosing a profession when you are young. It is very
difficult to make another choice. Once we set our goals to living a
spiritual life and we progress in our process of purification, meditation,
and use of soul powers, we are "set for life." The situation is one of
having made a choice long ago.

Likewise, with involved scientific testing. When you start researching, and
you still haven't reached the goal of your research, but you are
progressing by answering questions which arise on the way to the goal, your
view of "current problems" may be altered by the findings of others and the
progress of the entire field of research which is your area of expertise.
There's no reason to assume that the original goal isn't possible, just
that the method of arriving at that goal has changed. (My idea of
liberation has altered to include the binding of adepts to form.)

We still need purification in order to approach the adepts. The problem as
I listed it in my previous post is defined only because it is a NEW problem
in the sense that a solution might be valuable to someone who is looking at
the spiritual life (as I did long ago) and trying to decide if it is the
right endeavor for them. If there were a better solution to the problem as
I defined it, would it help others to make a better decision concerning
their future involvement with spiritual brotherhoods.

If adepts were very definitely located and communicated with, with some
degree of certainty, could students assume new roles of participation with
the adepts in making spiritual knowledge available to anyone for the
asking. When can their influence in our modern culture be made more useful
and reliable?

Does this help with my statement of the problem as arising from a
commitment to the path and to approaching others with the path as a
potential choice for them?

I would agree that we make the choice because the spiritual life described
is "blissful" compared to the "sorrowful" life we may be leading at any
given time.


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