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Re: re:quick reincarnation

May 01, 1998 09:54 PM
by Sophia TenBroeck

Jerry wrote :

"The time spent between death and rebirth works a lot like
the time spent during sleep. It varies. Trying to pinpoint an
exact time based on personality type or career is risky; it
has meaning only in a statistical sense--for averages not
for individuals."

May I suggest a possible better analogy than sleep.  It would be the
eating of food.  It depends upon the food gathered and consumed on earth
of experience.  If it was nil--for stillvirths and young children, or
very limited for those dying while still youths, or those who lived to
middle age [and then the type of lives experiences, simple and
satisfactory, full of questioning and searching, acquiring knowledge,
wealth; using power and position, selfishly or unselfishly; or living to
a ripe old age--again with the variety of types of that living.  Lifes
experiences are starvation, simple and wholesome, rich and unwholesome,
etc., etc.  So the after-death states will vary as to the type of
discarding time--in Kamaloka--of that unsuitable to the divine nature of
the being going into Paradise or Devachan.  The time then required in
Paradise or Devachan would vary with the accumulation of value and
diversity of the life lived on earth.  This food has to be first
assimilated, then absorbed.  The absorbtion, till it become part and
parcel of the spiritual experince derived from the last life on earth.
These become the pearl on the thread of Sutratma.  These are the
tendencies of character that a person bring back to earth of higher
inclinations, and aspirations along a variety of lines, which will
manifest in the next live that will be his/hers.

Sophia TenBreock     lst May

PS   9th [correction 8th] May will be the day of H P Blavatsky's leaving
her body, known as WHITE LOTUS DAY.  My greetings to all on this day of
gratitude and devotion to the teachings she brought to us.  Sophia

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