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Re: : Theosophy in the mist

May 01, 1998 10:08 PM
by Sophia TenBroeck

Dear Jerry

".... our dreams to be more "real" than we are when waking simply
because we are less inhibited and more our true selves in our dreams. I
use dreams as barometers of spiritual progress."

Ver useful to read H P Blavatsky's TRANSACTIONS OF THE BLAVATSKY LODGE
where she devotes a whole section to DREAMS pages 59 to 79.  Especially
page 79 where she lists 7 types of Dreams

"1. Prophetic dreams.  These are inmpressed on our memory by the Higher
Self, and are generally plain and clear: either a voice heard or the
coming event foreseen.
2. Allegorical dreams, or hazy glimpses of realities caught by the brain
and distorted by our fancy.  These are generally only half true.
3. Dreams sent by adepts, good or bad, by mesmerisers, or by the thought
of very powerful minds bent on making us do their will.
4.  Retrospective; dreams of events beloning to past incarnations.
5.  Warning dreams for others who are unable to be inmpressed
6.  Confused dreams, the causes of which have been discussed above.
7.  Dreams which are mere fancies and chaotic pictures, owing to
digestion, some mental trouble, or such-like external cause."

In using dreams as a barometer, the above categories maybe check against
first, then only will their value or uselessness become revealed.

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