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Re:Quick reincarnation

Apr 29, 1998 07:27 PM
by Darren Porter

I remember reading somewhere in Esoteric Buddhism that Devachan period
normally lasts a minimum of 1500 years. Though as it's all purely
subjective the 1500 years may only be a few moments in consensus reality.


At 20:57 28/04/98 -0700, you wrote:
> Regarding the conversation about H.P.B. and her knowledge (and
>sources)about reincarnation.
>If I have understood correctly, Tibetan buddhists believe that when one
>dies, the next incarnation is followed rather quickly, in few days or
>something like that.
>How do this relate to H.P.B:s (and her Mahatmas) teachings about
>centuries spent in between-lives states, like devachan?
>Mika of Finland
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