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Re:Theosophical Movement

Apr 29, 1998 05:57 AM
by Pam Giese

> From: "M K Ramadoss" <>
> Visiting some of the websites of Theosophical Organizations to see how
> links are there to other Theosophical Organizations, I was surprised.
> Larger the organization more isolated they are. You can visit yourself
> see for yourself.

It is amazing that an organization whose objects promotes Universal
Brotherhood doesn't even linked websites! One webmaster of one large site
is actually operating under a "no links" rule!

O.T.O, multiple pagan groups, and even South Park cartoon show have
webrings that link their sites together. Does TS show that sort of
cyberspace unity? No.
Take Doss's challenge. Pretend you've just heard of the TS and try to find
information on the web. Can you find enough to stimulate you're curiosity?
 Can you find real information about philosophy and beliefs? Or are you
confronted with disorganization and dogma on death and vegetarianism? (I do
like the Blavatsky Net. The Australian TS page(
is nice too. While you're surfing, check out the Ourbourus on the
Brazilian TS site! (

As a community, we do a poor job marketing TS on the web. We're missing an
opportunity. The potential is there. As Dallas(nodding to Mark) says:
Theosophy International -- or "withoutwalls" perhaps

I've been reading Alice Bailey's "The Consciousness of the Atom" and
thinking about evolution. Technology(i.e.the web) is playing a role in our
social evolution. Look at the changes in our communication and learning.
Watch how teenagers approach a new video game. Part of the challenge is
the exploration of the virtual environment, trying to feel their way
around, and discover what does what and what comes next. It reminds me of
the shamanic "dreamtime".

I've been wondering if an organization promoting evolution can be true to
itself without evolving itself and riding in the vangard of social
evolution. I've been wondering if this isn't part of the problem with the
TS. The founders were promoters of social evolution of their time--women's
rights, prohibition for example. Where are we now? Maybe as we're adding
those links to other TS sites, we should include the Free Tibet sites as


"Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light..."

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