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Re:Theosophical Movement

Apr 28, 1998 07:03 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

April 28th 1997

Dear Doss:

For the moment, I think you are partially right, as this
talk-line is pretty free.

But, as you notice there are so many views, that to amalgamate
them, is a matter for each individual to do. Goodwill and mutual
benevolence in active tolerance does it. We bind ourselves, and
anon, we free ourselves. As the Buddha said: "Each man, his
prison makes. Each has such freedom as the lotiest Ones."

As we read what each other has to offer, our own understanding
and horizons widen -- it cannot be helped. So in effect the
exchange liberates us progressively, as we realize that others
have either similar problems and/or similar views -- the language
and the meanings behind language some times gets in the way. but
by and large there is a lot of goodwill among us all.

No one is expected to make any changes other than to widen and
deepen ones' power to think and to tolerate diverging views.
Seeking to employ our grasp of the "Heart Doctrine," we open
ourselves to all the rest.

Taking a long range view, can we not say that at some time in the
past in other lives we were all probably quite close and have
studied the great perennial philosophy together, perhaps under
other skies and stars, but still the urge to seek and to grasp at
the truth, the crux of things, drives our lives forward.

In a way it is a great opportunity.

Let us drop the organizations, and forge ahead on the unity of
search which is ours in freedom, that the soaring mind may
encompass the stars and reach to the beginning and the end of
things -- to the ETERNAL. We ought to consult the "Crest Jewel
of Wisdom" ( Vivekachudamani ) of Shankaracharya. It is a most
wonderful work and contains some very explicit statements about
reaching to the Eternal In some ways it reads like a Sanskrit
version of the Tao Teh King of Lao Tsu.

In ancient times when students parted at the even-time and the
light of the world set, they left with the injunction: "Think,
and thinking, mediate. Recall the past of all your many lives.
Seek for the Inner Guru -- the Master, the Higher Self. Drink
in Its Wisdom-Radiance. May the peace of infinite time encompass
you. May your service to the world ever grow."

 Namaskaram Dallas

> From: "M K Ramadoss" <>
> Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 12:20:300 -0500
> Subject: Theosophical Movement

>Visiting some of the websites of Theosophical Organizations to
see how many
>links are there to other Theosophical Organizations, I was
>Larger the organization more isolated they are. You can visit
yourself and
>see for yourself.
>It is only here that all of us students of Theosophy belonging
to any org
>or none meet and discuss argue and share, a truly unifying
>which is going to grow as more people have access to Internet.
>Internet may put an end to Theosophical Organizations as we know
>because they may not have any role other than re-publishing
consisting of

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