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Re: : Theosophy in the mist

Apr 29, 1998 01:50 PM
by Mark Kusek

> W. Dallas TenBroeck wrote:
> Thinking more about the Monad strikes me as valuable. Can
> you turn to the S D Vol. 1, pp. 570-573 and see if that adds to
> our exchange? I have always found the ideas placed there
> inspiring.
> Also as to the Three in One That is apparently One that crops up
> in all the ancient philosophical-religions, and in ISIS she gives
> numerous examples.

You apparently are locked in a continuous cycle of reading and thinking
about book knowledge that you could conceivably continue to spin in for
years and years. Maybe, that really does it for you, maybe it doesn't,
(it seems like it does). I won't fault you for it, if you're getting
what you need from it. So be it.

But if you had the opportunity to experience spirituality directly or
read a book about someone else who had apparently done so, what would
you choose to do?

I like a good book as much as the next fellow, but after all, there is a

How come you don't write about what it really is like for you? Why
always cloak yourself with quotes from Blavatsky, et al? They shouldn't
buffer you from your own Selfhood. Why prefer second hand understanding?
Do you have experience of the Mystery within you? If so, express it.

What good is all of this if, from time to time, you don't try to fall
back on your own attainment and understanding? It's almost like you
esteem Blavatsky and the Masters more than you do the Divine spark
within you, always quoting chapter and verse. I suspect that you are not

Forgive me if I am blunt, but what is all this instruction for if,
ultimately, we never consciously allow ourselves the experience of our
own true Being?

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