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Re:The "Eternal Present: and KARMA

Apr 27, 1998 05:47 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

April 27th 1998

Jerry: My 0.02 is: They are sentimentally inclined towards some
of the theosophical explanations and logic, but they are not
inclined to study and make the theory as easily accessible to
their minds.

That is one answer. The other is that if they did, many fear
that they would be forced to give up some of the hobbies they
have adopted as a basis for their personal lives.

I've been re-reading TAO-TEH-KING -- paradoxes to be
disentangled, and the opinions of translators and Orientalists
work and opinions to be sifted -- forces one to "become Chinese"
again ! Couldn't make good sense out of the paradoxes unless
familiarity with the SECRET DOCTRINE helped me. Ideas are the
same, but expressed in different metaphors. The "play" of
analogy and correspondence is indeed a key to grasping the
meaning of the old scriptures.

If the student of theosophy likes to do that, then it is a lot of
"fun." Dal

PS IMO Theosophy cannot be selectively used. It is all or
nothing ( and a great mess for anyone who tries to "clean up.")

>From: "Jerry Schueler" <>
>Date: Saturday, April 25, 1998 6:49 PM
>Subject: Re:The "Eternal Present: and KARMA

>>HPB wote far more in terms of "the occult" than any other
>>did she not?
 >>Alan :-\
>Yes she did, which brings up the question of why the modern TSs
>are so afraid of the subject.
 >Jerry S.

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