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Re: Your rendition of Theosophy

Apr 26, 1998 08:37 PM
by Govert Schuller

Just like to share this:

>You wrote:
>>Where does the Prophet organization stand in relation to the present
>>Theosophical Society in Wheaton IL?
>As such The Summit Lighthouse or Church Universal and Triumphant have no
>official position regarding the Adyar or Wheaton TS. There a quite some
>people I know who, like me, belong to both organizations. Mrs. Prophet
>acknowledges the TS as having been founded by the Masters and the Masters
>themselves, through Mrs. Prophet, have given here and there some comments
>about the TS, some of which I have reproduced in my pamphlets.
>The TS in Wheaton seems to have taken a specific position regarding Mrs.
>Prophet. They will not carry her books in the Olcott Library and will not
>sell them at Quest Book Store. This is very unfortunate because besides
>so-called channeled material she has written some excellent theosophical
>books on the lost years of Jesus, the Kabbalah and reincarnation. The
>was read before publication by a well-known Gnostic theosophist connected
>with Wheaton, who was quite impressed with the contents of the book. In
>general it seems that theosophists at Wheaton and other leaders of the
>movement are critical of prophet and that at the theosophical grass roots
>level many theosophists do like her.

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