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Stand up Mr. Algeo

Apr 26, 1998 06:43 AM
by Ken Malkin

Dear Martin,

Thank you for your post below.

John Algeo, using the Theosophical Soiety's membership list for his
private letters is akin to any other elected official using the public
treasury to pay their personal bills. He clearly denies to ACT what he
admits to doing himself. Do you think John Algeo is better than you are?

John is not saying , 'if you as I chose to create with private funds,
an initiative for the betterment of the Society, as I have done, go
ahead'. In the case of our President, what is good for him is a self
admitted personal anethema for the membership. That is one reason, of
the many members are upset, distressed and general angry at the way we
are treated by John and his minions.

John has, with the boards support continually denied members the right
to use the mailing list of the TSA for Theosophical business. It is
illegal for him to do that, Federally and in the State of Illinois. We
are a non-profit organization and every member is entitled to use the
membership list.

If someone instructs the 'keeper of the list' not to make their name
public, that request must be honored. I doubt that is the circumstance
at Wheaton for the entire membership. When asked, Nathan Greer the
National Secretary has consistently, patently and without hesitation
refused to make the list or its parts available. It took a very lengthy
time and much individual effort to compile the ACT mailing list.We know
it is far from complete.

Like many others who have been ego stroked by the Wheatonists, it is
difficult to step back and see the reality that surrounds the TSA. John
Algeo is a gentlemen of refined and comfortable nature. He is articulate
and bright. That given, it does not mean that he is suited to or should
continue to use his vision of the TSA.

Our organization is one of hiearchial structure now. That socialization
has been foisted upon the membership without their knowledge or consent.
The Theosophical Society I joined was outwardly dedicated democracy, a
non dogmatic approach to life and the three declared objects. This, to
support ones spiritual sojurn. The TSA declared publicly it was not
seperative in its actions. It did not foster the view that some members,
by affilitation, with a group within a group were better suited to
'control' than others.

I feel, in hindsight I bought the "Brooklyn Bridge". Chastened but
understanding, I now chose to work at creating the society I thought I
originally joined. The one not ruled by the politics of cabal or ego.

Martin, this is not a discussion of John Algeo's personality, he is a
nice enough chap to be around. This is a discussion regarding the
national mandate and direction of the Theosophical Society in America.
There is a need to change that bearing from the dogmatic hierarchical
structure that has been allowed to seep into the TSA, take root and grow
within its body. The society we are members of at now, must survive. It
cannot as a hierarchial structure, responsive only to the small view of
we the members.

I need not reiterate the sound ACT points save one. The membership of
all spiritual and neo-spiritual groups on the planet have grown
immensely during the past two decades. Ours, with a legitimate original
mandate, is dying on the vine, why?

Going into a discussion of how growth and in what manner is of little
import at now. That is a discussion of greater effort than is neccessary
here. Suffice it to say, TSA has no clew of what the responsibility they
have to their fellows.

We as members of the TSA exist for two reasons. The first to foster
one's ability to refine one's life. Rather than be caught up in the
morass of ego, we are about throwing of the dross of 'form stuff'.
Secondly, we are about doing the right thing because it is right to do.
Our individual actions, our affiliations and interests, even our
thoughts bear witness to our value and refinement.

What is Wheaton doing to foster and dissementate the mulitiude of ways
we can employ to refine ourselves? We have heard from many sources, in
many fashions, that the effort of this life is to burnish the diamond of
our soul. To polish it using the heat of our efforts, wrought of the
friction of our reason.
We are also told, it can not be done alone easily. Thus the creation of
the Theosophical Society.

What is the hierarchy of the Theosophical Society in America doing to
support its original raison d'etre and our voluntary quest?

With, as always, my Peace Profound,
Kenneth H. Malkin

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