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Re:John Algeo's Letter

Apr 26, 1998 00:53 AM
by Martin Leiderman

M K Ramadoss wrote:

> Some of them have explicitly indicated they are from Chicago area and it
> appears all of them are from Chicago area.

Oh dear brother again crying aloud!!!!!!!!

When I went to Olcott for the first time 3 years ago, for the Annual
Meeting and Summer School, I requested a meeting with John Algeo during
a lunch I think. He responded Ok.
Next day we meet, I introduce myself, told him my backgroud in the New
Acropolis, and my work in the TS in Southern California and offer my
service as a national lecturer. He listened very careful, he took notes,
he look at me and said Ok you are on the list, I will tell Nathan G.

He was very open, very accessable, very friendly.
Last year I gave several lecture as a National Lecturer, I had a great
time 'sharing theosophy.'

Like me there must be hundreds of individual whom I have seen in the
last 3 years that I have been in the Annual Meeting at Olcott having
private meeting with John Algeo

I met him for the first time at Krotona, few months earlier. He was
given a seminar on Sacred Geometry.
He was my neighbour in the student houing. Well late night I discovered
some fibonachi manipulation. I knock at his door, introduce myself and
spent over an hour talking about. Next day He asked me to share it with
the class.

He was open, nice, friendly, accessable. He behave like a good
theosophist and leader.

MRK, be sure I said this with no interest from the TSA, I am an
Engineer, making enough money, and do not need the title of a National
Lecturer to do my theosophical work.
Next month I have about 7 o 8 lectures in the TS, some in South America,
some in North Carolina, some in California, I have opened a Study group
at my home and meet every thrusday. And love to share theosophy, the
best of it . . . not the doss, sorry the dross of people. Like yopu and
me we all in the Path towards the Truth, slowly, step by step, studying,
reflecting and assimmilating . . . growing in awareness and
consciousness. We all make mistakes but very slowly we learn from it.

So brother MKR, aren't you going to stop gossiping about issue of
membership, fees, and personalities?
Isn't better for the world that your time and energy is used in sharing
theosophy instead of complaining so much?

>From some of your emails I noticed that you know a lot, that you are
very wise. Please come to Los Angeles and gives a talk like the wisdom
of Krishnaji, and your wisdom, etc, etc . . . you are very welcome

Martin Leiderman
in West Los Angeles

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