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Re: : Theosophy in the mist

Apr 26, 1998 03:06 PM
by Mark Kusek

Jerry Schueler wrote:
> I had a very mystical experience a long time ago in which I "saw"
> a monad. But this vision was accompanied by the realization that
> I had no way to know if I was seeing only one monad or a billion,
> because they all look alike and all occupy the same space at the
> same time. It was pretty mind-boggling.

That was my experience as well.

> OK. As the monad falls beneath the great Ring-Pass-Not into
> this 7-plane solar system, it divides itself (somehow?) into a
> self and not-self. These two are connected by a mysterious
> force called Fohat. Anyway, as it decends the planes into
> manifestation, it tries to define this not-self or Not-I around it,
> and eventually sees other I's or selves within it.

I agree with you with adding that as the divison 'happens,' it is not
merely a single instance of a 'self' and 'not-self' separation, but a
simultaneous multiplication of apparently countless individual monads.
The Stanzas in the Secret Doctrine treat this as the "Scattering of the

> >Exactly (from their viewpoint). The fact that The MONAD is manifest (as
> >One or as Many) is evidence of Maya. Any "perfection" is relative to the
> >unmanifest potential of the Boundless, at least from our point of view.
> >
> Perfection implies lack of characteristic features (i.e, not an
> aggragate and thus anything monadic).

The only characteristic feature is that it is manifest.

Thanks so much for the response.
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