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Re:Root Races, Planes, and Globes

Apr 26, 1998 11:35 AM
by Mark Kusek

Caldwell/Graye wrote:
> Probably a whole book could be written on the various reasons!!!!!
> But many writers have not really taken the time and effort to study
> what HPB actually wrote on these subjects. Many have also given
> their views based on their own "clairvoyance" or on what
> the "Masters" have told them. Etc. Etc. Certainly the
> subjects are profound and therefore prone to confusion.
> But I have found far too many students not taking the time
> and effort to read and REALLY PONDER on what HPB and the
> Mahatmas wrote about these subjects. This is why a few years
> ago on Theos-L I suggested that you, Eldon, and others including
> myself attempt a study of what was written on the Globes
> and Planes in the writings of HPB and the Masters. But
> the proposed study barely got off the ground and soon
> you and Eldon were disagreeing and quoting
> Purucker and Leadbeater at each other. Admittedly Internet
> discussions may not be conducive to indepth study of texts
> but I felt that both you and Eldon were not open to
> setting aside your own "conceptions" of things and looking ANEW
> at the basic texts without also adding what later writers had
> written on the subject.


Your points are well taken and help me to better understand your
position. What would you suggest as a beginning to such a study? What
source texts would you recommend the research be limited to? Would you
go any further into traditional source documents that predate HPB?

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