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Re:The "Eternal Present: and KARMA

Apr 20, 1998 08:00 AM
by Alpha (Tony)

>Tony Wrote:
>Popularising is
>>pandering to the lower/outer man, the lower desires and passions.
Govert wrote:
>Or it is making theosophy more accessible for souls who have not the
>capacity to go through the SD.
You make a good point, and there are plenty of Theosophical teachings
available. It may well be asked, who has the capacity to go through the SD?
Who does?
As it says in the PREFACE to "The Key to Theosophy": "To the mentally lazy
or obtuse, Theosophy must remain a riddle; for in the world mental as in the
world spiritual each man must progress by his own efforts."

If we want to be a good football player or pop star we have to work at it.
What seems to turn some folk off from Theosophy is that it offers hard work
in the service of humanity and the Masters for aeons to come. It is much
easier to go for a softer option.
It is the case that people that go about their business and lead a good life
may well fair better.
It is the reincarnating ego that lives from life to life, and the more
pollen we bring/give to it the more it will grow and flourish.

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