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Re:The "Eternal Present: and KARMA

Apr 20, 1998 08:00 AM
by Alpha (Tony)

> wrote:
>> Or is this the ploy of the dugpa/black magician? Mixing "truth" with
>> fiction, and in Leadbeater's case dangerous fiction. Popularising is
>> pandering to the lower/outer man, the lower desires and passions. Once the
>> pristine purity of the true teachings (of the inner "higher" man) are
>> popularised, they lose that pristine purity. The popularised stuff is
>> around all over the place in abundance and the PATH is hidden in the
>> undergrowth of popularization. It is for us to lift ourselves out of the
>> myre, and Theosophy (the wisdom of the gods) points out the way.

Mark wrote:
>You are talking about "popular" Theosophy, right? You know, the whole
>Madame Blavatsky thing?

To the former it has to be asked at times, "is it any longer Theosophy?" We
need to develop our ability to discriminate.
At the beginning of "The Secret Doctrine" vol. II, HPB quotes John vii.16.:
"My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me." Who's doctrine is it and
who sent her?
Best wishes

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