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Re:The Masters are REAL and they are HERE

Apr 20, 1998 04:04 AM
by Mark Kusek wrote:
> To form the nucleus (i.e. MANAS) of a Universal Brotherhood (i.e.
> atma-buddhi are the universal principle(s)) of Man, without distinction of
> race, colour, sex or creed (i.e. without distinction of the 4 lower
> principles). Once the teachings fall into the area of the 4 lower
> principles of "race," "colour," "sex," or "creed" they lose their pristine
> purity.

Huh? Until we all live in Buddhi, we've got to get all this stuff (i.e.,
buy the books, go to the meetings,type on the lists, etc.) while we're
in the booty!

You're not one of those theosophists who disdains personality, are you?
Your "pristine purity" stuff gives me the shakes.

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