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Re:The Masters are REAL and they are HERE

Apr 18, 1998 08:21 PM
by Brenda S Tucker

At 08:44 PM 4/18/98 +0100, you wrote:
>Dear Brenda
>By reading the correspondence, Daniel comes over as someone who studies the
>Theosophy of the Mahatmas (KH & M) and HPB. And for those of us (or some of
>us) who study these teachings it is terribly difficult to see your point of
>view as being credible. The Mahatmas warn of unprogressed planetaries who
>parade under varoius guises, and they are very "real" in some senses. A
>main difference between our views is that you seem to somehow feel that we
>can bring the Masters down to our level, if one has understood you
>correctly, while the Theosophical teachings teach that it is for us to lift
>ourselves to their level.
>The very word MAHATMA: MAHAT/ATMA would suggest this. A study/meditation of
>the SD, does by the very nature of their being behind it (for want of better
>words), give contact with the Masters. The SD is imbued with their essence.
>There mind and spirit is alive in the secret doctrine.

Dear Tony,

I think people have to recognize the degree of intelligence that HPB uses
in her writings and whenever we try to compare her work to the work of
potential "other" messengers or try to predict what Mahatmas might or might
not do in the future, present, past, whenever, we should strive to view
life beyond our current "societal" limitations. Society says that people
teaching at universities are "advanced" "deserving of respect" "our
teachers," etc. Since HPB wrote the SD at a VERY difficult level of
comprehension and compilation, we are to regard her as not only noble, but
also of superb intelligence and literary ability.

Therefore, when anyone else from Damodar to James Bond to the circus clown
tries to participate in esoteric studies, what are they facing in the way
of public opinion? Can a rock and roll star ever receive an audience of
credibility for their experiences? What if a typical "cool jerk" instead
of a noble "doctor of philosophy" experiences truth and tries to talk about
it? Will the world listen? Ascension, when it comes from anyone, is worthy
of my ear. It thrills me to find ascended masters interested in the lowly
and meek and not just those who excel like an Einstein.

Under my current realization of what "the Presence" is, I would say that
yes, we do have to ascend into the presence, but that a simultaneous
"descent" into the Presence takes place by the Masters so that now we both
live at a level at which we can communicate and cooperate.

Try to think for a minute how much mental energy can actually be exchanged
between a dinosaur, for example, and a human being! This is the way that I
picture ascended masters in their dealings with us. I don't mind the idea
that we are teaching the dinosaurs to talk, to move, to build, to care for
young, old, and feeble, and things like food foraging, but these are side
issues, because the whole event (in my mind) takes place not only to
further the evolution of the beings who are here and resident on earth, but
also to allow the "creation" and "active exploration" of physical vehicles
for those existing on a higher plane. If I were to enter into association
with the masters (because humans obviously have the earth now and no
present contact with dinosaurs), I would imagine my mind would be so active
taking it all in that I would have little time to focus on assuming any of
the physical activities involved in the "androgynous" pairing of two
beings. If I could be allowed to live as "pure mental energy," I could
focus my mind on how to accomplish things I observed as well as how to
continue participation with other human beings (mentally) and it's no
simple answer all of the time how to move from point A to point B,
logically. Even the best human mentalities are going to be stumped with
observing beings not just one simple evolutionary step beyond man, but
seven (or in a sense, even 49 separate globe periods). It takes the animal
or dinosaur 7 rounds, equalling 49 globes, equalling 7 races times the 49,
before the beast will be human under the proposed SD theory. When we use
all of our senses, even with masters stepping down the teaching to us, we
are going to have to expend considerable mental energy in watching and
learning how things work, and then still not completely solve the puzzle.
Because at some future time, the learning and observing of their worlds is
over and WE have to put it into practice, first in designing our bodies and
those in the world around us and then in living together as beings who are
guided inwardly in our own right by ATMA, by MONAD, by the SUN, or whatever
your explanations and meditations can depict that to be. (If this occurs
for the period of one race, the fourth, then perhaps we run out of ideas,
so to speak, run out of good karma, or reach a point where we can go no
further safely, and them the divine plan blesses us with the intervention
of the next highest kingdom of nature and these masters whisk us away to
safety and interaction with them instead of failure, difficulty, and harm
which would befall us instead.

So while this process of ascension is going on, let's not forget that we're
going through this again soon and somehow perhaps we can adapt our physical
world and living conditions in ways that permit the "light" within us to be
further unveiled and put to use.

Sorry this is so winding and unclear. Let me know if any of it makes sense.


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