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Re:Govert Schuller - Recognizing the Masters

Apr 20, 1998 03:50 AM
by Mark Kusek

W. Dallas TenBroeck wrote:
> Theosophy is for us a record of what generations of students in
> esotericism and occultism have studied as they searched all the
> hidden nooks and crannies of Nature. [ SD I 272-3 II 795 ]

So, they've searched them ALL and EVERYTHING that can EVER be known or
discovered already has been by this amazing "generations of students?"
Wow! Just imagine! Where can we buy THAT book?

> How can one paint, if one does not know the color wheel?

You just drag your brush into whatever paint you have and go, heedless
of your inadequacies. It's called expression, but academics usually
don't care much for it.

> How can one compose good music if one does not study rhythm, notation
> and harmony ?

I only know three chords ... but I can jam on them.

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