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Re:Govert Schuller - Recognizing the Masters

Apr 19, 1998 10:06 AM
by Annette Rivington

Bjorn Roxendal wrote:
> > Dallas wrote:
> > >My observation has been that there has to be a continuity and a
> > >coherence in Theosophical thought just as one finds in the
> > >development of philosophy, logic, or science. Truth is no one's
> > >property. It is only valuable when we understand and can apply
> > >it.
> The only way I can evaluate a "Teaching", messenger etc is by vibration.
> Intellectual evaluation may be an important preliminary step, but not a way to
> reach a reliable conclusion. There are many reasons for differences between what
> has been released through different instruments. Theosophy as presented by HPB
> is only one chapter of a book of many many chapters.

Yes, and as the previous, present and following conversations
illustrate, I perceive, that we struggle for continuity and coherence
because it makes us feel comfortable, at least momentarily, and so these
are prevalent, and there are as many messages and teachings and
philosophies as there are/were/will be people expressing their
recognition of milestones and signs in their process of understanding
their own manifestation as part of the infinite "truth".

In the total process, each will write their own book, each student will
also be the teacher, each will understand and accept each other, until
this manifestation is complete.

With respect to teachers and guides, I walk behind and beside you for a
time and share in your experience as you share in mine, and in so doing
I am able to experience our separateness as a method only to aid my
process of defining my fears which block my acceptance of the truth of
the oneness.

Bjorn, my current perception is that I can only *experience* "a
teaching, messenger, etc" by *vibration*. My process of "evaluation"
becomes "am a ready to understand, what is the lesson, which part of the
lesson for whom, do I need to repeat this part, is this a trick
question?" I perceive the intellect as an important part of how I am
physically manifested and use it in conjunction with the other abilities
which I believe you are defining as "vibration".

And Dallas, yes, "truth is no one's property" in terms of ownership or
judgement, yet it is everyone's birth, life, death and afterdeath

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