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The Circle

Apr 19, 1998 01:47 AM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

>Dear Than:O

If you attach an h to "Than", that would be my sister's name. :o)

>Some claim to have experienced marvelous things in "altered
>states," but who was the "Experiencer ?" And, of what value is
>such an experience ? Does it have any relevance to our way of
>current living or the decisions that will shape our future ? Or
>is it something we marvel at, and desire to renew because of its
>strangeness ?

If you're living right, everything is a marvel. However, us human beings,
who are often trapped in our own mundanity, need constant reminders of how
wonderful this world is, via art, science, philosophy, religion, etc. I
say this is all VERY relevant. The first time I ever ate butter was at the
age of 7. Wow and yum! It's still a strong image in my mind. The funny
thing is that I keep on thinking it must be the brand, because I have never
tasted butter that good again.

>I wonder if you are familiar with Mr. Judge's OCEAN OF THEOSOPHY.

I've often heard of it, but do not have that in my library. I've been
letting my instinct (which is also reliant on outside information) dictate
what I would read and learn. I have not developed an interest in Judge,
yet. I will probably encounter his writings down the line.

Thoa :o)

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