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ACT newletter

Apr 12, 1998 05:09 PM
by Psyche (Kirsten)

I want to thank Ken for sending me the ACT newsletter. I had no idea
what was going on at Wheaton. It is reminiscent of what is going on in
my workplace. I work for an intimidating boss that doesn't care about
the staff; a new hiree is just as good as a trained faithful worker.
And the goals and changes proposed by ACT to the bylaws of TSA are
almost word for word what is happening with the board where I work
except the person hell-bent for these changes is a trouble making, no
good, dirty mf with a hidden agenda (he is an environmental leader in
our local community on the board of a major environmental defense
force). So I read the newsletter able to see both sides of the issue.
I couldn't help but see the proposed changes as someone's personal
vendetta against a wrong done to them by the TSA. But if the statements
by ex-employees about John Algeo's behavior are true then something
drastic needs to take place. I'm very torn as to what to do with my
proxy. I would like to know a little more about Carl Trauermicht Jr.
and Seymour Ginsburg and what their history with TSA is.

Thanks again,

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