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Re:ACT newletter

Apr 12, 1998 06:27 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Hi, it is nice to get feedback like yours. BTW, I am not on any of the ACT
committees nor do I hold any elected or appointed position with TSA nor am I
aspiring to any position.

I have been around theosophy and TS for quite some years and there are
certain issues which has been of concern to me for some years in the best
interests of the future. Some of them are:

1. The continuing decline in the membership and loss of branches with no end
in sight.

2. The non recognition of this trend and have not seen from the current
leadership any concrete long term plans to deal with it along with various
actions proposed.

3. With our moving into the next millennium, lack a vision for the
future from the current leadership.

4. Great secrecy in the dealings of a policy nature. While one can
understand the need to keep trade secrets and legal and personal matters in
confidence, in this day and age, large organizations like TS can be run with
great amount of openness. All board of directors meetings could be open to
any member to attend. A lot of sunshine/light will do a lot of good.

5. Lack of clearly and simply explained long term objectives of TS
especially for newcomers and the public.

6. The complacent attitude of membership in the past has led to the
leadership not boldly addressing the above issues and educating the
membership so that together we can move to the next millennium.

In brief, to me it is like a house on fire. Something has to be done, done

While I do not personally know either Sy or Carl, I had a couple of contacts
with Sy over the last couple of years. I can assure you that neither does
have any hidden agenda and I would be sending in my Proxy so that if it can
be used if necessary. Much better would be for all of us to plan to attend
the annual meeting if feasible. This would give us an opportunity to meet
with them and others personally and take an active part in the next Annual

My 0.02.

M K Ramadoss

At 07:09 PM 4/12/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I want to thank Ken for sending me the ACT newsletter. I had no idea
>what was going on at Wheaton. It is reminiscent of what is going on in
>my workplace. I work for an intimidating boss that doesn't care about
>the staff; a new hiree is just as good as a trained faithful worker.
>And the goals and changes proposed by ACT to the bylaws of TSA are
>almost word for word what is happening with the board where I work
>except the person hell-bent for these changes is a trouble making, no
>good, dirty mf with a hidden agenda (he is an environmental leader in
>our local community on the board of a major environmental defense
>force). So I read the newsletter able to see both sides of the issue.
>I couldn't help but see the proposed changes as someone's personal
>vendetta against a wrong done to them by the TSA. But if the statements
>by ex-employees about John Algeo's behavior are true then something
>drastic needs to take place. I'm very torn as to what to do with my
>proxy. I would like to know a little more about Carl Trauermicht Jr.
>and Seymour Ginsburg and what their history with TSA is.
>Thanks again,

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