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Science Conference

Apr 16, 1998 09:43 AM
by Alan E Donant

Theosophy and Modern Science
May 30 =97 31, 1998

The American Section of The Theosophical Society, Pasadena, is =
sponsoring a two day conference on theosophy and modern science. There =
is no admission charge and all are welcome to attend. The following are =
the subjects to be presented:

The Quest for Human Origins
Ina Belderis, PhD Geography
Reference Librarian
Theosophical University Library

The Quantum Theory of Reincarnation
Amit Goswami, PhD
Professor of Physics
University of Oregon
Author: The Self-Aware Universe

Worlds within Worlds
David Pratt, BA Languages

Merlin's Garden: Cosmic Floralmagna
A visual presentation of the great flowers of the cosmos. Wynn Wolfe, =

Humanity's Remote Senses in the Solar System
David Doody, MA Human Development
Senior Member Engineering Staff JPL

The Secret Doctrine and the Big Bang: Inner Impulses and Physical =
Bill Savage, MS Chemical Engineering

Theosophy and Medicine
Richard Hiltner, MD, Homeopathic Physician

For meeting place, and schedule of events see The American Section =

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