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Quotes on Theosophy

Apr 16, 1998 09:14 AM
by Govert Schuller

Dear brothers,

The following URL is a collection of quotes from Pearls of Wisdom concerning
Theosophy. You might find something in it:

A similar perspective was given by Cyril Scott in his introduction to
'Through the Eyes of the Masters':

"The ideal of unity in diversity to which I have referred, is so completely
realized by the Masters that although on the surface they may sometimes
appear to be working in opposition, in reality they are working in perfect
accord, their manifold branches of activity blending with one another as do
the colours of the spectrum.

Thus last century when Victorian bigotry and religious narrow-mindedness had
reached a climax, one of the Masters, in order to counteract this, inspired
the Agnostic Movement. This in its turn showed signs of becoming
over-emphasized, so to adjust the balance another of the Masters inspired
the Spiritualistic Movement. A little later Master Koot Hoomi and Master
Morya sponsored the Theosophical Society through their much-maligned
disciple, Madame Blavatsky. Then yet another Master inspired Christian
Science. All these Movements were operative simultaneously, and each in
opposition to the other. Haeckel swept aside belief in the soul as pure
superstition, Madame Blavatsky informed the spiritualists that their spirits
were but empty shells, while Mrs Eddy pronounced theosophy to be an "error
of mortal mind", and Victorian bigots condemned each and all of these
Movements as anti-christian machinations of the devil. Meanwhile the
Masters, although they deplored these intolerant denunciations, patiently
watched each Movement to gauge its effect on the great Evolutionary Scheme,
towards the carrying out of which they work so harmoniously together."

-- 'Through the Eyes of the Masters' by David Anrias (London: Routledge,
1932). Introduction by "The Author of 'The Initiate,'etc." (Cyril Scott),

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