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Re:Circle Addendum

Apr 15, 1998 06:40 PM
by Mark Kusek

"Each being All and All seeing All in each other.
Yet not being in the least two."

You're beautiful.

Thoa Tran wrote:
> Now, this part is my own crazy idea based on those theories. What I was
> trying to get act that I didn't include was that----if in the
> fourth-dimension, we were to see ourselves infinitely in front of us, to
> the side of us, to the back of us, and were to reach for any of us, but
> ended up really touching ourselves----then could not the Ultimate Universe
> be a great hyper-to-infinity sphere, in which the infinite inbreath to
> outbreath is in reality the breathing of One source, just as an individual
> in the fourth-dimensional sphere is actually one person and not a parade of
> person according to the 3-dimensional perception.
> Thoa :o)

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