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Addendum to addendum

Apr 15, 1998 06:15 PM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

Okay, I didn't make the conclusion clear. Third try.

Just as to a One in the hyper-infinity world, with a hyper-infinity mind,
the One remains one. With each level down in dimension, the One appears to
be many, until we reach our 3-dimension sense, in which the One is myriad
of things, space, matter, energy, etc. Hence, the idea that we are part
only in illusion, but are actually Whole. Each of us is a whole. To take
a bullet and shoot any of us would be shooting ourselves.

Ooh, I'm going to start a cult of the hypersphere. Hey, I just came to
this conclusion just now, so if it's nutty...

Thoa :o)

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