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Who's a Jesuit?

Apr 14, 1998 10:59 AM
by K Paul Johnson

Somehow I missed the original post, and only saw Mark K.'s reply.
But it seemed that Phillips Spencer was saying that *something* was
"another SJ attack on HPB" or some such accusation. Which would
be the Society of Jesus? If I am following the excerpted
accusation correctly, then who is Jesuit-inspired or directed?
Am I, for giving citations in answer to Dallas's question and
denouncing his dogmatism? Is the Mighty NOS, for bringing up the
hashish issue in the first place? Was Albert Rawson, for saying
he saw her smoke it? Was Hannah Wolff?

And if any or all of these people were/are in cahoots with the
Jesuits, how does this conspiracy operate? This is interesting.

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