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Re:K's views on TS

Apr 13, 1998 01:32 PM
by Govert Schuller

Bjorn wrote:

>K said: "You cannot organize truth." Well, as Rudy said, this is pretty
>However, when K uses this statement as an argument against the usefulness
>meaningfulness of the TS it really doesn't make much sense. The idea of the
>never was to organize truth, it was and is to organize truth seekers and
>seeking. And that is a very natural and meaningful thing to do. So, when K
>the statement "You cannot organize truth" to point out the shortcomings of
>TS, it seems to me to be unfair and/or stupid.

K will of course not use the same argument, used against the TS, against his
own foundations
worldwide. These foundations are merely to preserve his teachings and make
them available
for those who are interested. Whether this is fundamentally different from
the TS I will leave open.

Actually the whole problem for him starts already when he opened his mouth
after having repudiated the 'organization' of truth. If Truth is so
transcendental that you can not name it, then every effort to
point to it with words is already a kind of 'organization' of the truth.
Then comes the
'organizing' of the gatherings, then the 'organizing' of the transcripts for
publication and distribution, and finally of course a real 'organization' to
do all that work and more, like archiving and running schools. To absolve
K's teachings from these arguments with the reasoning that they are so
unique or truthful would be hypocritical. More consistent were if he had
kept silent as 'Sir Thomas' also had suggested, though for other reasons.
("He even has no proper methods since he took the Arhat initiation, and
ceased to be the medium for the Lord Maitreya. Better if he had retired from
public life to meditate in seclusion, as
Arhats did in bygone days.")


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