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Re:Re: The "Eternal Present: and KARMA

Apr 12, 1998 02:05 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>As I see it, inherent in each of us is a very great independence.
>But, such independence cannot exist totally isolated. It
>requires the cooperation of all other beings around it to sustain
>it and to nourish it, so independence is invariably balanced by

As I see it (and I think Buddha would agree) dependence and
independence form a duality. So, you can't have one without the
other. Both must be transcended.

>I think that our "independence" resides in our mind -- and that
>the "mind" is the force or power which links on one hand the
>metaphysics of what we call SPIRIT, and on the other the physical
>forms of what we call MATTER.

How so? Thoughts are like animals that flow through our mind, and
others as well. I think that the human mind is an open system, just like
the body is an open system. Open systems are never independent.
Only a closed system is independent. So far as I know, there is no
such thing as a truly closed system except various lab experiments
that scientists run.

>So, metaphysically and
>philosophically, we have three interdependent parts of the
>"whole" :
> Spirit = Mind = Matter
>and this is the beginning, the apex of the Pythagorean triangle.
>Hope this is of some help,

I agree with the equal signs. The only real difference between
spirit and matter is how the mind views/experiences them.

Jerry S.

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