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Re:Re: The "Eternal Present: and KARMA

Apr 12, 1998 01:58 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>Dear Jerry:
>In regard to the Karmic records. I was considering what we are
>told of the properties of the Akasa -- that it automatically
>records all things that happen.

I agree, Dallas. It does. But not in the normal way that we think..
Virtually nothing just "happens" but rather an event occurs that
is experienced by individuals in their own individual way. Our
memory is plastic, and even the karmic records are plastic.

>If that is correct, then such interactive and permanent records
>should be available. I obviously can't prove that

I know that they do exist. The problem comes when we try to
"read" them. They are, in fact, subject to subjective interpretation,
just like actual events are.

>But as I say, If, that is true, then past, present and future are
>very closely interlinked.

Yes, I believe that they are. I see the future blending into the
past and vice versa at some far distant point to form a very
large circle. Only the present really exists, and it only lasts
for less than a nano-second.

>I recall a phrase in Mahatma Letters where the Writer to Mr.
>Sinnett refers to an interview that he had in regard to a subject
>with One who he said was wiser than he, and "before whom the
>future lay like an open book." While no details are given, I
>would assume that if one did have that power, then the logical
>future that derives from past and present ought to be outlined,
>if not details, then 'sketches.'

I agree that fortune telling is largely possible. I see it as viewing
possibilities rather than certainties, but possible events with
high probabilities often come true. My wife, Betty, for example,
told me we would marry and have two children, etc., right after
we met. So far, eveything she predicted has come true.

>I do admit that those are my surmises.
It pretty much is a given, Dallas, that everything we say here
is based on our own belief-system and experience, and that
everything we say is a "surmise" unless in direct quotes.
No problem.

Jerry S.

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