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Re:G.R.S. Mead & the editing of the 1893 edition of THE SECRET DOCTRINE

Apr 09, 1998 06:15 PM
by Alpha (Tony)

>Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
>> W. Dallas TenBroeck <> writes
>> >1n 1893 under the editorship of Annie Besant and G.R.S.Mead a
>> >"third and Revised edition of the SD was issued with over 40,000
>> >alterations made by them which HPB never saw or authorized. The
>> >type was at that time entirely reset.
>> I am told by a reliable source (Mr. R.A.Gilbert, Bristol, UK) that
>> Mead's contribution to this edition was mainly by way of the verification
>> and - where necessary - corrections of HPB's very many notes and
>> footnotes, a task for which he was particularly qualified as having been
>> HPB's secretary. Other variations in the text and the order of the text
>> may be due to Annie Besant's influence - perhaps someone has
>> documentation originating from the period(s) in question which can
>> throw light on this matter?

In Geoffrey Barborka's "The Mahatmas and Their Letters" there is a facsimile
of a Post Card HPB sent from Fontainebleau to Mead in Scotland. It is
important to notice that she sent it after she had FINISHED writing the SD.
In it she says:"...As soon as ready and *free* do come to 17 L.R. and get
installed working in my rooms whether I am there or not. Strange astral
sights in these glades and valleys and dark pine woods...."

Mead is referred to as being a scholar. His portrait hangs in the Society
for Psychical Research. Being secretary to HPB does not give him any
particular credibility. After all HPB took in the Coulombs when they needed
shelter. Why not similarly with Mead? He wanted to be her secretary and
could she deny him that within occult law? Basically, he just wasn't up to
it. The great difference between HPB and Mead is, that he was a scholar, but
HPB was an Initiate. A chasm lies between the two.
Mead it would seem was good at using his brain, played around with the dead
letter, and never got air born. All he could think in terms of was altering
the text and correcting, and in the process never saw the secret doctrine,
or really had an understanding of what the MAHATMAS are. Otherwise how
could he have made all those alterations?

The interesting passages which Daniel Caldwell quotes from Meads own hand
make the point. That he revised and corrected the Sanskrit (in particular)
of all things! Surely the Masters knew the Sanskrit spellings. The
Masters look at the CAUSE.

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