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Re:G.R.S. Mead & the editing of the 1893 edition of THE SECRET DOCTRINE

Apr 09, 1998 04:45 PM
by Dr A M Bain

Caldwell/Graye <> writes (concerning Mead):
>He speaks of several "classes of errors" in *The Secret Doctrine* which
>"perforce had to be corrected by any honest editor." etc. etc.
I have edited a number of works (of much smaller significance). not
one of them reached the final printing without *some* errors failing to
be noted by myself, my colleagues, and the proof-readers at the

>"Again, sometimes for greater clairty I removed a sentence or paragraph
>from text to the notes, or *vice versa*. The English had, of course,
>frequently to be revised; and the spelling of words and technical terms,
>mostly Oriental in general and Sanskrit in particular, had as frequently
>to be corrected. . . .Had I the job to-day, when my equipment is more
>extensive and judgment riper, of re-editing this first revision, and had
>I the liberty of blue-pencilling out what is plainly untenable, the bulk
>of the matter [in the S.D.] would be very considerably reduced. . . . "

Mead was a scholar who had the facility to do such work. HPB does
not appear to have had this particular facility, but the greater one of
spreading her information as widely as possible.
>Too bad the Mahatmas didn't originally commmision Mead to write The
>Secret Doctrine! No doubt, chosing HPB for that task was bad judgment
>on the part of the Masters! : )

Not at all. Maybe the Mahatmas commisioned HPB to write the work,
and Mead to edit it? Seems a reasonable idea to me.
>This is a very interesting article of Mead's and I have only quoted
>a few sentences. One should also consult what Mead and other witnesses
>wrote CLOSER to the time of the events (1891-1893) when this editing was
>being done. etc etc.

Are you able to do this? It would be very useful to be able to read such

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