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Apr 08, 1998 01:26 PM
by Bart Lidofsky wrote:

> Bjorn wrote:
> >To be able to defend your shelters make sense also. During periods of
> government
> >disintegration, which is quite likely if the shelters need to be used, these
> >shelters may be a target for takeover or abuse in other ways. If you build them
> >you should be able to defend them.
> Surely it would be rather an odd thing for a Theosophist to do? To build
> the shelters in the first place, and then to protect them with arms when so
> many would be suffering. What an absolutely ghastly thing to be doing.
> Whos idea of survival is this?

 The same people who claim that Moria advocates doing good deeds in order to
bring wealth and prosperity in this lifetime (I went to ECP's website, looked under
Teachings, and the first thing I saw was this "create good karma and you will get
wealth, create bad karma and you will lose it" kindergarten view of karma, the type
of distortion that created the caste system in India in the first place; certainly
not the view as given in the Secret Doctrine or the Mahatma Letters, and CERTAINLY
not a more advanced view).

 Bart Lidofsky

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