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Apr 08, 1998 01:28 PM
by Bjorn Roxendal wrote:
> Surely it would be rather an odd thing for a Theosophist to do? To build
> the shelters in the first place,

To survive, even world nuclear war, makes a lot of sense for Theosophists.
Atlantis was destroyed, but a spiritual remnant was "saved", no doubt thanks to
their willlingness to prepare for the worst. That way a higher impulse could be
conveyed to other rising cultures.

> and then to protect them with arms when so
> many would be suffering.

War is an unpleasant thing and requires unpleasant choices. If you have a life
boat that can take 50 people and 100 people need to get in to survive what do
you do?

Have all 100 get into the lifeboat resulting in everybody's death or save the

>What an absolutely ghastly thing to be doing.

Even more ghastly not to do it.

> Whos idea of survival is this?

In this discussion in this forum it is mine because I have made it my own.


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