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Re:Krishnamurti and theosophists, pro & con

Apr 08, 1998 11:07 AM
by Alpha (Tony)

>Lmhem111 wrote:
>His [Krishnamurtis] approach is basically that of a southern Buddhist, the
neti-neti path (God
>is not this, God is not that). This is the most difficult of all paths to
>follow in my opinion. The iti-iti path of "God is this, God is that" is
>easier. It leads to bhakti yoga, devotion to God in one's favourite form,
>whether it be an avatar or guru. I realize that the two paths are a matter of
Seem to remember hearing Krishnamurti saying words to the effect that when
choice is no loger there, then we are free, i.e. we will be then acting in
line with TRUTH.

>Many acknowledge that he created a
>great division in the TS which is still healing.

Is it fair to say that he created the division in the TS. After all it was
the "TS" that took him and brought him up/groomed him in a particular way -
Annie Besant/ Leadbeater sought of way. Could this necessarily have been
all that Theosophical?
Rather different to HPB and the Masters wouldn't you say? And the kind of
training HPB had, from those occasional glimpses we may get of it from the
Mahatma Letters, etc.

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