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Re:Question: new messenger?

Apr 07, 1998 05:06 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

April 7th 1998

Dear Doss:

As to Who, Why and What happened in regard to the establishment
of the T. Mvt. at the cyclic time it was done is a question more
of curiosity and speculation, and I don't think that it really is
of great importance to us. As I think about it, I would say that
if Theosophy is a record and a continuing history of the
evolution of this World (not to mention the Universe of which it
is a part) it was essential that it be done at that time and for
the future benefit of mankind -- and we, being born and living at
the present time form a vital link that will carry it on into the
future. WE too are involved in the karma of the T. Movement, and
at some time past we must have desired to do this. Here is our

There exists a letter sent by Rao Bahadur K.B.LAHIRI of Lahore,
to Western theosophist in 1892 I believe. He had asked a Brahmin
pilgrim to carry a message to any High One he might have the good
fortune to meet when he went to Lake Manasasarovar. When the
pilgrim returned he had met and conversed with one of the
Mahatmas. That letter revealed that the decision to start the
Theosophical Movement in 1875 was taken by a "council of the
Mahatmas" and HPB (a member) offered to be of service in
implementing it. This letter was dated over a year after the
death of her physical body.

For the skeptical this means nothing. For the credulous it will
be a new wonder. For the sincere student it is another
verification of the continuity of the T. movement and of its
importance. As many opinions will emerge as there are mind-sets
of various kinds. I mention this as it does carry an idea of the
importance of the matter, and of some verification which came
after HPB had left her body. It was not "channeled."

The problem with Theosophy and its doctrines, and also with the
exchange of the letters between the Mahatmas and Mr. Sinnett,
etc... or the assistance that was given by Them to HPB in writing
ISIS, her Articles, and the S D -- all this means little to the
skeptic who has not taken the time to think out the matter
clearly. He sees only the surface, the arguments, the fantastic
views which contradict or oppose current thought and "Scientific
theories." For that type of mind-set nothing much can be done.
For those who do inquire to see if there is coherency in
Theosophy this is an additional piece of evidence. But the true
student of the ancient Wisdom-Religion does not need these
things, -- he finds the proof in the statements made concerning
the "fundamentals" ( SD I - 14-18, and in the ideas of karma and
Reincarnation and the 7-fold nature of the Universe and of man's
constitution. )

For many, their pre-judgments and sentiments and hopes serve as
barriers to new thinking. Some manage to pierce through these
with the spear of determination to know what is the total truth.
They listen and think and are not anxious to respond in any hasty
manner to things they hear or read. They constantly ask
questions and take nothing for granted.

Not only does the theoretical basis for Theosophy have to be
mastered -- as for instance in THE KEY TO THEOSOPHY, but the
advice of the VOICE OF THE SILENCE needs to be understood. Both,
taken together assist.

If one reads through the marvelous STANZAS FROM THE BOOK OF
DZYAN -- as given in the S D, several times, one is struck with
their poetry and simplicity of purpose -- to instruct in ancient
history. Then some realization dawns, as one goes through the
early pages of the book and is able to get at the explanations
that lie behind the STANZAS. The VOICE provides some idea of
what the practice of that theoretical knowledge can lead to. It
also clears up the mistaken idea of what "hierarchies" imply --
they are no worse that the academic grades of achievement given
to diligent students at any University. That does not trouble
us, but somehow the idea that there are Universities where a much
broader and deeper knowledge is taught bothers many minds. The
information is sketched in ISIS and the SD -- but, who recognizes
it ?

This is our introduction to the causes that lie behind
"manifestation," and "evolution." It also traces the results
over many millions of years -- far more than our "Science" is
ready to allow as possible of recording. The whole breakdown
occurs on the matter of records -- where are those imperishable
records which can be trusted ? Can they be carbon-dated or
placed under our instruments so as to assure us that they are
indeed ancient ? HPB in the Proem to the SD speaks of secret
libraries where there are kept copies of every record ever made
on Theosophical knowledge and observation.

The S D says that 18 million years ago (or thereabout) the
"mind" of mankind as a mass was "lit up" this occurred when
humanity could have been called "child-humanity." Instructors
(the Rishis and Their assistants) remained to help and assist.
As time passed humanity decided (as a mass) to follow other
paths, and confusion arose.

Our present is a general result of doing that. Unfortunately few
of us have had a chance to study several religions and to review
the short period of history that Academies recognize
(about 4 to 6,000 years) -- at that point history merges into
myths. traditions and customs of various tribes and races.

We are burdened with the presupposed position that never has
humanity achieved as high a civilization as that which surrounds
us today. And we cannot begin to plan to build a Pyramid ! We
don't have the equipment the time, or the ability to prepare and
secure the right materials. Who knows the formula for an
imperishable cement, harder than the rocks that they bind
together ?

Add to that the burden of being told repeatedly that man
arose from an ape (which he may well have, in terms of the physical
body), but, that this has nothing to do with the development of
the MIND or of the DESIRE-nature which follow their own lines and
cycles of development, and you have the added dimensions that
Theosophy shows can be added to our present knowledge.

Physiology shows that the human body is replaced every year to
the extent of about 98 % -- if so where is memory resident ? --
if so, then how do the incoming atoms, molecules, cells know
where to go to assist in sustaining life in the body ? What
pattern do they follow which we yet know nothing of ? what is
"life-energy" (Prana ) what is the Linga Sarira ( Astral body)
with its own 7-fold nature ? Science is beginning to suspect
this as a necessary existence.

Nature has provided us with the most marvelous surroundings all
arranged intelligently so that the smallest of matters is given
its place and position. How ? Why ? How much do we not know ?
And Theosophy is to be, nevertheless, challenged? Let it be so,
and then let there be answers made that are coherent and
consecutive to the questions I ask above.

If the knowledge that Theosophy offers can be seized and grasped,
then the puzzle of man's psychology, and the question as to
whether or not Reincarnation of the Spirit/soul of Man as a fact,
or a fiction, are easier to grasp and unravel.

The speculations, theories and hypothesis of our Scientists have
clouded our perceptions and narrowed the level at which the free
mind can soar, without becoming totally fantastic, or deluded.
they have provided us with such detail and proof, but they need
to go further, and to delve into the CAUSES below the surface of
their observations.

Theosophy does present to each inquirer a very strict series of
logical ideas. They are embedded in the fundamental propositions
( Deity-Space), (Law-justice and fairness for all), and (a sweep
of evolutionary progress which involves all living things, giving
each the importance of its imperishable achievements).

If those can be applied, then our living achieves a fresh
dimension of attention and importance. But each one of us has to
think it out. There are lots of "What ifs."

Excuse this rather far-flung attempt at answering some of the
ideas you give. Perhaps it may help. Dallas.


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